Feb, 28th 2017

The second-hand booksellers in Paris

second-hand booksellers

Every morning my day starts with the same ritual. Before my first painting class, I sit in front of my huge mug filled up with a nice steaming tea. And I’m reading my book. Always doing the same movements… I take a few sips of my lemon tea while reading a page of my Novel. A novel buy in a second-hand booksellers. It is so delightful!

Of course, I’ve already read Balzac, Proust and Hugo and they are wonderful writers. But I like reading foreign literature as well and especially American books. My favorite at the moment, and you might know his work, is Ed McBain, “87e district”.

Books are very important to me and to my family. My husband just loves reading books, his favorite author is Kafka and he’s a writer too. My mother, on her side, is a big fan of historical literature, especially stories about Royalties. You can ask her any questions about Louis XIV, she’ll definitely know the answer! My oldest daughter writes and draw children’s books and my other daughter has been studying French literature at la Sorbonne.

The second-hand booksellers

So, you understand that books are a precious thing to us! And when we want to offer a book to each other we’d better be original, and for that, no doubt that there is no better place than buying it from the famous place in Paris running all along the Quays of the Seine called the “Bouquinistes”, second-hand booksellers well known to own old editions and various unusual books.

I love this place, even if, I must be honest with you, you can’t find every book, but for me the second-hand booksellers are the symbol of the French romantic, and the antic Paris.

There, you’ll find the unexpected, you’ll even like it more if you’re not looking for anything in particular, just looking to be surprised while having a glance with an open mind.

And for sure you’ll find your book, one which already have a story, has been read and handed from one to another and is now yours until you pass it to someone yourself…

And the view on Notre-Dame cathedral is amazing! Whenever I’m strolling around there, I have the feeling that I am an XVIII th century character.

I am day-dreaming that I can meet Marivaux, Voltaire or Rousseau on my way.

In conclusion, if you come to Paris,  have a stop at these second-hand booksellers you can find them on the right bank of the Seine on the quai du Louvre, and on the left bank between the quai de la Tournelle and quai Voltaire. Don’t forget to get a book from them and Enjoy your little piece of History you’re bringing back home with you!

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