Art activity for kids

Art activity for kids


Art activity for kids and family in Paris

Edwige lets kids and teenagers into her studio in Paris for a unique art class. She will paint with them acrylic painting or watercolor.

The art class is offered to kids and adults of all levels: novice, intermediate, expert. “ I’m always happy to receive family and kids in my painting class, we spent a very pleasant time. And children are very talented artists! I myself am a grandmother of 5 grandchildren and I gave drawing lessons in a school. I know children well and know how to interest them in painting.

• 2-3 hours drawing and painting customized class for kids  :

Edwige provides with all of her painting supplies: canvas, drawing paper, easels, acrylic painting and watercolor.

• They make their own painting:

Your kids will paint all that they want : flowers, animals, monsters, Eiffel Tower. Edwige will help them in this art activity

And at the end of the session they will return home with their own painting. A beautiful gift for the parents!

If you want you can stay with your kids and watch the class during all the time. Or if you prefer you can come with them and participate in the painting class.

•Snack for kids:

Fruits juice and little cakes for the young artist