Mar, 15th 2017

Welcome to my studio with My Art Fair Magazine

Edwige studio

Since few weeks ago, I have received in my studio and apartment in the 16 district in Paris two charming americain’s women. Mimi and Krystal, came to see my painting and discover my univers.

Welcom to my studio

I’m always deligthed to receive people in my studio. Especially when they come to see my work. Krystal with her reflex camera have taken a lot of photos of the studio and of the paintings : small canvas, painting of Paris, oil painting…  I like to create painting so it’s easy for me to paint one or two canvas in a week. So you can find a lot of canvas in my studio and diferent size. For a photographer as Krystal it was easy to find the best topic !

And it is with great pleasure that I was able to explain them my way of working.

My favourit color : “Blue

The technique used : “mostly oil painting, I work with brushes, but I used also acrylic and palette knife. I paint on canva and on wall and furniture (doors, chairs, shutters..)

My inspiration : “the beaches in Brittany, the green countryside of Normandy, the oyster farms in Charente. And Paris, of course!

My topic : “Flowers (bunch of roses, iris, lys…), people on the beach, gardens in Spring or Summer, barges on the Seine in Paris

My favourit artist : “all impressionist artists of the XIXth century : especially Monet, Manet, Boudin, Rembrant”

After a perfect work session and typical French pastries eaten (delicious chouquettes!), Mimi and Krystal have returned to their Parisian life. And I have returned to my brushes and my art classes.

One month after I have received a message of Mimi who invited me to see the web magazine “My Art Fair” and my interview. So I’m very happy to share with you this amazing experience and this great magazine :

My Art Fair Magazine

Photo de Krystal Kenney

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