Dec, 21st 2016

Discovery Parisian fountains


Paris is the city of love, art and food, of course. If you decide to visit the city go to a typical french restaurant, go to a painting class and visit all the famous museums. And when you walk in the streets of this wonderfull city, look at the beautiful momunents around you, the typicals Hassmanian’s flats. And smell the delicious smell of bread of the bakery. You can also have a break on a bench near one of the little parisian fountains. 

722 fountains in Paris

We can find 722 fountains in Paris, with diferent colors, shapes and names. There are the fountains “Arceau”, the “Totem” or the “Millénaire”. And you can even find fizzy water to ! The fountains are in the street, in public gardens, parks, woodwinds. But they are not always in working order.

I like particulary one of tem, and it’s the famous one : the fountain “Wallace”, here in Paris we call it to the “petite fontaine verte” (little green fountain).  You can recognize it thank to this four green  caryatids. The fountain Wallace was created after the war between France and Prusse during the end of XIXème century. After the dreadful siege of Paris in 1870-1871, Sir Richard Wallace, a british who lived in Paris, with the collaboration of the sculptor Charles-Auguste Lebourg, had built 50 fountains in the city. For the first time parisians have free water ! Now they can drink fresh water in the street. The first fountain was inaugurated in 1872 boulevard de la villette. We can find 119 fountains Wallace in Paris.

I love my city and when I’m looking for inspiration for a new painting of Paris, I like walking in the streets. And take the time to seat on a bench near a fountain Wallace and study parisian life!

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