Place Blanche

Place Blanche, is an original oil painting by the artist Edwige Mitterrand Delahaye. The painting is realized on canvas with brushes.

About the painting

The painting represents of a view of Paris in France. You can see a subway entrance and a newspaper kiosk. In english we can translate ”Place blanche” in “White Square”. Funny name for a square isn’t it ? It’s because of the flour of the mills of the top Montmartre and the dust of the gypsum extracted from the quarries of the butte of Montmartre few centuries ago falling on the square. Read more…


The painting is sold without frame

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Other information

This painting is unique, a certificate of authenticity is given with it

The colors of the painting can vary according to the parameters of the computer

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    9.4x7.4 Inches
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    235.00 Delivery included

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