Fontaine Wallace (SOLD)

Fontaine Wallace, is an original oil painting by the french artist Edwige Mitterrand Delahaye.

The painting is realized on canvas with brushes.

About the painting

This painting represents a typical fountain in Paris. “The Parisian fountains were installed in Paris after the war between France and Prusse in the and of XIXème century. After the dreadful siege of Paris in 1870-1871, Sir Richard Wallace, a british who lived in Paris, with the collaboration of the scluptor Charles-Auguste Lebourg, had built 50 fountains in the French capital”. More


The painting is sold without frame
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Other information

This painting is unique, a certificate of authenticity is given with it
The colors of the painting can vary according to the parameters of the computer

  • Size

    8.6 x 6.3 Inches
  • Price

    195.00 Delivery included

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