Aug, 18th 2017

Exhibition in Pigalle district in Paris

exhibition Pigalle

Let me introduce you 78 oil paintings during my new exhibition in Paris.

As far as I know, painting and art always held an important place in my life. My parents were loving art : paintings, sculptures, furniture, antiques…, there were beautiful things at home, when I was young. And they passed on to me their passion.

I’m always delighted to welcome people in my studio for an art class. To transmit to them my passion for the painting and to give of good advice. And I am very proud when they are inspired by my paintings to realize their own creation!

Some artists find it difficult to show their creations. For me it’s always a real pleasure to show my work. I like to see the expression of people when they watch my paintings. So I am still  very incited to organize an exhibition, especially when it takes place in a place of exception ! What a best place for an artist to exhibit in the artist’s district ? Just in front of the Moulin Rouge, place blanche. In an amazing ballroom in a former hôtel of Jean-Léon Gérôme.

An exhibition about 78 paintings

Exposition Pigalle 1When you organised an exhibition the most important (and difficult) thing is the choice of paintings. Which kind of paintings proposed? Because some people love only the seascapes and others flowers. For this exhibition I had decided to propose several themes : scenes of Paris, gardens, still life paintings… And it’s about 80 paintings which it was necessary to hang on. Thanks to my daughters the work was quickly executed.

During almost 2 months Jean-Léon Gérôme welcomed me in his house. And it is a real pleasure to expose at another artist’s!

Thanks to all of you to have come, it was still an immense pleasure and an honor to present you my paintings. From now on I return to my brushes because I have to paint again to be able to present you as quickly as possible my new creations which for some are already on the wesite!

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