Jul, 5th 2018

3 exceptional experiences in Paris

3 exceptional experiences in Paris

There are 1001 ways to discover a new place. But the best one is with people who know it.

Why don’t you choose to discover Paris with real Parisians? Treat yourself to one of our 3 original and unique experiences to make exceptional memories.

Create your own Paris

When you are visiting a foreign country, you want to bring souvenirs to your loved-ones. How about you make your own gift?

Take a painting lesson with Edwige Mitterrand Delahaye in her studio/apartment of the 16th arrondissement, west of Paris, or in sculptor Jean-Léon Gérôme’s former hotel particulier in the Pigalle area.

Edwige's art class

A 3-hour painting class to make you an artist! Edwige will help you create your own painting: Paris view, portrait, landscape… Paint whatever you feel like painting. As for the technique: oil painting, acrylic painting or watercolor, it’s up to you! Whatever your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), Edwige will give you precious advice while letting your creativity run free.

During the class, you can talk about the French culture and taste some pastries and viennoiseries available for you. Let’s paint!


Bottel-of-champagne-with-theparisianKitchenPut on your apron

When you think of France, you think of cuisine: wine, cheese, pastry…

Why don’t you try cooking with a real Parisian? Bénédicte welcomes you to her 17th arrondissement kitchen from 10 am to 2.30 pm for an unbelievable culinary experience.

Live the actual Paris way of life starting with a tour of the rue de Levis market. Bring back all the fruits, vegetables, meat and other delicacies you will need for class. Always fresh and excellent quality, of course!

Back in Bénédicte’s kitchen, put on your apron and start your cooking class. Bénédicte will help you through all the steps of your recipe. She is patient and kind, so cooking with her is a treat even if you are not a cordon bleu chef.

The lesson ends with a tasting of your delicious dishes: cheese soufflé, steak, tarte tatin. Bénédicte suggests 4 different menus to choose from.


Personal-Paris-behind-VersaillesA private tour

Have you ever dreamt of visiting exactly what you wanted to see without having to set anything up?

That is what Nicole from Personal Paris is offering: a unique Paris tour. You don’t really know what you want to see? Don’t worry, Nicole is here to help.

With her, you will learn everything you need to know about the Château de Versailles, the Louvre and Notre-Dame. Feel like doing a little shopping? Nicole will take you to the famous flea markets.

She knows all the best places to have lunch, a drink or a cup of tea such as the Mascotte brasserie in Montmartre. With its Art Deco interior and accordionists playing on Sundays, take a trip to Paris 80 years ago, back when Edith Piaf sang on the streets, for an unbelievable Paris experience!


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