Aug, 18th 2017

(Français) Exposition à Pigalle

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D’aussi loin que je m’en souvienne, l’art a toujours eu une place de choix dans ma vie. Grâce à ma famille tout d’abord, grands amateurs de peintures et meubles anciens, et également grâce à cette petite voix intérieure qui n’a de cesse de me tarauder pour que je peigne : ma créativité ! Une fois devant ma toile blanche j’aime laisser glisser mon pinceau et faire apparaître le paysage niché dans mon imagination. Si en premier lieu, je peins pour assouvir ma créativité, j’aime par dessus tout exposer mes tableaux et faire découvrir mon univers aux autres. 

May, 15th 2017

From Montmartre to Place Blanche

If you want visiting Paris, I’m sure you will like to see the Eiffel tower and eat a french baguette. And I think that you will love visiting Montmartre. Is one of the most famous district in Paris with the Sacré coeur Basilica and the “Place du tertre”.

Feb, 28th 2017

Les bouquinistes – The second-hand booksellers

Every morning my day starts with the same ritual. Before my first painting class, I sit in front of my huge mug filled up with a nice steaming tea. And I’m reading my book. Always doing the same movements… I take a few sips of my lemon tea while reading a page of my Novel. It is so delightful!  Of course, I’ve already read Balzac, Proust and Hugo and they are wonderful writers. But I like reading foreign literature as well and especially American books. My favorite at the moment, and you might know his work, is Ed McBain, “87e district”.

Dec, 21st 2016

Discovery Parisian fountains

Paris is the city of love, art and food. If you decide to visit the city go to a typical french restaurant, go to a painting class and visit all the famous museums. And when you walk in the streets of this wonderfull city, look at the beautiful momunents around you, the typicals Hassmanian’s flats. And smell the delicious smell of bread of the bakery. You can also have a break on a bench near one of the little parisian fountains. When I’m looking for inspiration for a new painting, I like walking in the streets. And seat on a bench near a fountain Wallace to study parisian life!